Steam Turbines/Generator Units


SKINNER POWER SYSTEMS – Skinner Power Systems, LLC  manufactures single-stage, steam turbines of proven design for mechanical drive applications up to 3000 horse power and steam turbine generator packages for electric power generation up to 2MW. We build the steam turbine and steam turbine package you need for the job you need to be done.

Skinner turbines are installed throughout the world within various industries and are performing within various climates. Our steam turbines  are tough and have many uses.

Skinner Power Systems, LLC can rebuild your Skinner, Dean Hill, or Manubat steam turbine as a cost saving option. We combine  serviceable old components with new components to assemble a newly rebuilt turbine for you.

O.E.M. Replacement Parts are readily available and made to specifications for your Skinner, Dean Hill, or Manubat steam turbine.  There is no guesswork in supplying you the correct part.

*Some Manufacturer’s may not be available in all locations. Refer to Sales Office Line Cards.

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