Boiler & HVAC Service Departments

Our Boiler/Burner Service

We offer full boiler/burner service and specialize in installing and maintaining industrial and commercial heating equipment. Our reputation for excellence is based on the exceptional quality service to our many satisfied customers.

There is always a qualified staff member available to answer your questions when you call. Each morning  we dispatch service vehicles across the tri-state area  and beyond providing prompt and efficient service.

CS&E prides itself in providing cost effective solutions tailored to our customers specific needs. CS&E is dedicated to first class workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Customers have depended on us for over 50 years for reliable steam and hot water generation. You can be sure we will always strive to provide the very best in service and products for our most valuable asset – our customers.

Reliability and safety

For more than a half of century, CS&E has been the leading provider of expert boiler/burner service to a wide variety of customers throughout the tri-state area. Our factory-trained technicians are committed to safety as their number one priority and undergo continuous training.

  1. Preventive Maintenance programs

CS&E’s customized preventive maintenance programs enhance system performance critical to today’s rising fuel costs resulting in increased life expectancy  of your boilers and domestic water heaters.  If you experience a problem, our boiler burner service department is available 24/7 with an extensive inventory of replacement and repair parts.  If you are interested in a Preventive Maintenance program, you can contact Shawn Kelly at 412-821-8900 or

  1. Smith Mills renewal program (see attached document) –
  2. Digester gas Burner (see attached document) –
  3. Drilling rig  Boiler service (see attached document) –
  4. On-site Boiler/Burner training. –
  • Steam trap selection, applications and testing.
  • General Boiler Maintenance/operation and safety testing.
  • Domestic water heater operation and general maintenance.
  • Pool heater operation and general maintenance.
  • Steam system design and boiler selection.
  • Hydronic system design & Boiler selection.

6.  Boiler/Burner Parts sourcing – Costars Flier (see attached document)

Tired of trying to locate equipment or those hard to find OEM parts? Let us do the work for you. CS&E is now a Costar supplier. We have full time dedicated employees who will get you the parts and equipment you need. At CS&E we are always working to make your job easier. Please contact us at 412.821.8900.

Our HVAC Service

Our service solutions offer you a fresh approach that will help you improve control of your facility, optimize equipment, and provide a fixed budget through a customized service agreement. This agreement may
cover the cost of scheduled preventive maintenance, unanticipated repairs, or a combination of both. CS&E’s flexible approach to service ensures optimum performance in your facilities within the constraints of your operating budget.

Our certified, factory-trained field technicials average in excess of 20 years experience and respond promptly to the service needs of our customers. We’re availabe 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A call to one of our service coordinators and you’ll have access to the most experienced and best trained technicians in the industry. So when uptime counts, and when doesn’t it, remember that CS&E is the company to call.