Schneider Electric SmartStruxure Solutions

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Modern Building Automation

There have been several major trends in the building automation systems industry over the past decade, but the most noticeable have been the rise in demand for three core BAS components:  central supervisory software, communicating IP-enabled controllers, and BACnet protocol compliance.  At CS&E, we provide products that are manufactured by one of the four largest and most influential BAS companies in the world, Schneider Electric, and our flagship solutions are called SmartStruxure and SmartStruxure Lite.  As an industry leader, Schneider Electric is helping us meet the demands of our customers with these solutions.


As dictated by industry demands, both SmartStruxure and SmartStruxure Lite are BACnet systems – with the exception that SmartStruxure Lite has the added benefit of working with the pioneering wireless BAS protocols known as ZigBeeand EnOcean.

IP-enabled Controllers

Our line of IP-enabled “room controllers”, known as SE Series controllers, are re-inventing the traditional landscape of traditional thermostats and space sensors with more in-space smarts and greater usability.

Central Supervisory Control

Schneider Electric’s central supervisory software offering (StruxureWare) builds on our decades of understanding and service for central Tour Andover control systems such as Vista, I/Net, and Continuum.

As one will be able to deduce from the naming structure, these benefits (and many others) can be employed with Schneider Electric in traditional large applications with SmartStruxure or also in the growing BAS market of buildings smaller than 100,000 ft with SmartStruxure Lite. Please follow the links on our website to find out which solution works best for you!