Grease Ducts


AMPCO – All pipe models are UL 1978 grease duct rated to their relative clearance to combustibles (single-wall, double-wall air or blanket insulated). Zero Clearance grease duct models Z3 & Z4 are additionally UL 2221 rated to zero clearance to combustibles and have an integral 2 hour fire rated enclosure, not requiring a separate fire rated shaft. Alternatively, the Z3 can be used for other hourly rated integral shaft needs. Just call to inquire.

ZClear™ is the most innovative factory-built kitchen grease duct in the industry. With a zero clearance rating, our integrated chase construction sets the standard for design.

Available in both stainless and aluminized steel exteriors, ZClear™ can be customized to your unique application requirements. ZClear™ is the clear choice for new restaurant construction or retrofitting future expansions or modifications.


VAN-PACKER – For over 60 years, Van-Packer has been supplying the Commercial and Industrial market with venting products. From our Model DW (Double Wall Stainless Steel) to Model CS Category IV for condensing appliances, Free Standing Engineered Chimneys and Model GZ grease duct, Van-Packer is the only “one-stop shopping company” that offers a product to fit your exact requirements.

*Some Manufacturer’s may not be available in all locations. Refer to Sales Office Line Cards.

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