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Pumping Sets offer several advantages over jobsite assembly of components. Most important is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer for providing predetermined results. One organization selects and coordinates components, fabricates the steel baseplate, the pipe fittings and installs the electrical control panel.

Duplex models are normally-stocked to cover most applications. Other models can be manufactured to meet the requirements for a specific application. A shop drawing and a wiring diagram, both incorporating a list of components, are prepared for approval prior to fabrication. The electrical control system includes one magnetic starter for each pump, indicating lights, a control transformer and a system control pressure switch (see EP panel for complete details). When pump operation is intermittent a control is frequently used to alternate the pumps (on duplex units only) and automatically turn on the back-up pump in case of malfunction. Models CYS are industrial pumps. These pumps have become the industry standard in fuel oil transfer units. 

Models CYS pumps feature a new open-core design that provides improved performance at higher speeds and pressures. The rotor heads are hydraulically-balanced to provide minimum end clearance, assuring instant priming and instant capacity over a wide viscosity and pressure range. The pump is provided with a new improved mechanical face-type seal and Teflon impregnated outboard designed for direct drive. They are capable of handling inlet pressures as high as 200 PSI at standard 1750 RPM motor speeds. As shown in the tables herein, pumps are provided in five sizes. Each pump is provided with an internal relief valve. FLO FAB duplex fuel oil transfer units are ideal in fuel oil transfer systems and generators. 


• Helical Gears for smooth, quiet running.
• Self Priming due to close manufacturing tolerances.
• Suction lift of up to 20 feet
• Can be close coupled or base mounted with pump-motor unit.
• Pump housings are of close grain cast iron.
• 3 Section doweled design ensures alignment, efficiency and ease of field service.
• Shafts are of ground and polished steel.
• Full face thrust bearings are available in bronze, carbon, and cast iron.
• Mechanical seals are of Buna, Viton, and Teflon.

• Precision Spur Style Gears
• Self Priming due to close manufacturing tolerances
• Suction lift of up to 25 feet
• Pump housings are of Cast Iron
• Pump shafts are of stainless steel
• Mechanical seals of Buna or Viton
• Carbon graphite shaft bearings
• Bearings never need lubrication
• Easy maintenance and service



SIMPLEX – Tank Filling Systems, Packaged Pump Sets and Skid-Mounted Pump Sets provide a complete range of solutions for filling fuel tanks safely and easily, with options such as leak detection and alarms, spill containment, automatic shutoff and lockout, fire-rated shutoff valves and lockable enclosures.

Simplex Tank Filling Systems - FuelPortFuelPort
The Simplex FuelPort is a compact, economical solution for simple filling and spill prevention for aboveground storage tanks. The FuelPort includes all valves and fittings necessary for hose connection from a pumper truck to an above ground storage tank, packaged within a lockable, weatherproof spill containment box.The FuelPort can be bolted to the tank, hung from the fill pipe, or attached via clamps to a 3″ post. The FuelPort is suitable for use with fuel oil or gasoline, automotive products, or certain chemicals.


Simplex Tank Filling Systems - Automatic FuelPortSimplex Automatic FuelPort
The Simplex Automatic FuelPort is a factory packaged system for controlled filling of aboveground tanks from pumper trucks. The Automatic FuelPort provides a ready means of ground level connection of the fill hose and captures spills that may occur at the fill point during filling operations.When the Tank Full level is reached filling operations are locked out and the operator is alerted. Visual and audible level and leak alarms, as well as continuous level indication, are provided. A leak detection circuit prevents filling of leaking tanks.

Simplex Tank Filling Systems - SmartPumpSmartPump
The SmartPump is a factory packaged system for transfer of fuel oil from gravity trucks to storage tanks and control of filling operations to prevent overfill and allow for full draining of the truck delivery hose. The SmartPump provides a ready means of ground level connection of the full hose, and captures spills that may occur at the fill point during filling operations. The SmartPump includes a high capacity fuel transfer pump and intelligent pump controls.The Simplex SmartPump is available for use with fuel oil (Class-II liquids) or gasoline (Class-I liquids).

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