CS&E represents high quality commercial HVAC pump brands as well as a complete line of hydronic accessory system components including Heat Exchangers, Expansion Tanks, Air/Dirt Separators, inertia bases, Flexible Connectors, Gauges/Thermometers, Triple Duty Valves, Balancing Valves, Butterfly Valves, Globe Check Valves, Coil Hook-up Kits, etc. CS&E’s Pumps Division is well positioned to offer customers full pump repair, refurbishment, and replacement services, individual engineered solutions & evaluations, and parts replacement. Our quality product offerings align with CS&E’s expertise and over sixty years of experience in the industry.

Pump Design Types

Base Mounted End Suction:
Horizontal Split Case:
Vertical Inline:
Vertical Inline w/ Integrated Drive:
Vertical Multistage:
Pressure Boosting Systems:

Hydrdonic Accessories

Heat Exchangers:
Expansion Tanks:
Custom/Lined Tanks:
Air/Dirt Separators:
Hot/Chilled Water Buffer Tanks:
Inertia Bases:
Flexible Connectors:
Suction Diffusers:
Triple Duty Valves:
Balancing Valves:
Butterfly Valves:
Globe Check Valves:
Coil Hook-Up Kits:
Glycol Makeup Packages:
Chemical By-Pass Feeders:
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s):

*Some manufacturers may not be available in all locations. Refer to Sales Office Line Cards.

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