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We are proud to offer this wide variety of building automation solutions

The CS&E Building Automation Solution Portfolio

No two industries, organizations, or buildings are the same, and as a result no one building automation system solution on the market is able to serve as a cure-all for every situation.  With this in mind, we provide and support many different lineages and vintages of building automation control systems to keep your buildings up and running comfortable, reliably, and efficiently.  Please peruse our systems to discover more about what you currently own, what you may like to progress towards, or what you may like to invest in.  You will find we have no shortage of opportunities, so please feel free to contact our staff to meet your needs.

Schneider Electric SmartStruxure

com_schneider_elibraryThis BACnet solution, powered by Struxuware software, facilitates the exchanges and analysis of data from energy, lighting, fire safety and HVAC. Optimize your energy consumption, maintain a healthy and productive environment, update aging facilities, and gain anytime, anywhere access to your building systems.

Schneider Electric SmartStruxure Lite

com_schneider_elibrary_LITEWith the introduction of SmartStruxure Lite, small-to-medium-sized commercial buildings now have an affordable building management solution to meet their needs.  By providing anytime, anywhere access to building information on a simple user interface, SmartStruxure Lite solution lowers energy costs without compromising comfort.

TAC Vista

vistaThis LonWorks software solution efficiently controls, checks and analyzes the daily operation and economical running of a building.  It is available in a variety of packages designed to maximize efficiency and economy.


With one complete, easy-to-use package, this proprietary control system is a powerful, integrated building control solution with features that make systems easy to operate, integrate, expand, and maintain.

Andover Continuum

A BACnet system built from the ground up as both a climate control system and a security system.  This unique approach reduces the overall system cost while providing a solution for the growing requirement for tight integration.

SE Series Room Controllers

se 8000These controllers, designed for new construction and retrofit projects, deliver significant energy savings, precise temperature control, and enhance user experience with their unparalleled customization options.

Building Analytics

BAOur continuous, monitoring-based commissioning converts the big data from your building management system into actionable intelligence to improve facility performance.  Our advanced, cloud-based automated fault detection and diagnostics not only identify problem conditions, but also guide resolutions.

Power Manager

powerSchneider Electric is the only company to offer a fully embedded building and power management solution that provides a state-of-the-art building management system with insight to your energy usage and the performance of key electrical assets.