Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers are water heaters fueled by gas or oil. They achieve high efficiency (typically greater than 90% on the higher heating value) by using waste heat in flue gases to pre-heat cold water entering the boiler. Water vapor produced during combustion is condensed into liquid form, which leaves the system via a drain.

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HYDROTHERM/ADVANCED THERMAL HYDRONICS (MESTEK) – KN-Series high-efficiency boiler from ATH. With a patented design unlike the tubular-based, first generation condensing boilers, the KN matches up to real world applications in unprecedented ways. See for yourself the new direction KN is leading to address the demands of today’s high efficient commercial hydronics market.


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PARKER BOILER – Parker Boiler now offers its TC Series of Condensing Hot Water Boilers. The Boiler is available in sizes from 399,000 up to 5,443,000 BTU Input with stainless steel construction for resistance to corrosion at low operating temperatures. This offering is a proven European design built for extremely high efficiency. Efficiencies to 99.7% have been witnessed and verified by a Nationally Recognized Test Lab.

The units are available with conventional gas burners or low NOx power type burners. The units are ETL Listed as complete “Gas Fired Boiler Assemblies” per UL 795. Units under 2.0 MM BTUH input are SCAQMD 1146.2 certified. Parkers “L” Low NOx System with variable speed blower and premix metal fiber burner for sub 9 ppm NOx also available.


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RBI (MESTEK) – Flexcore Symmetrical Firetube boilers bring hydronic heating products to unprecedented levels of operating efficiency.  Unlike other manufacturers; from start to finish the Flexcore was designed, developed and engineered by the experts at RBI. Engineered for performance and longevity the Flexcore utilizes a perfect temperature balanced heat exchanger that provides not only the highest efficiencies but also a durability beyond that of any competitive firetube boiler on the market.


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SUPERIOR BOILER WORKS – Introducing a product that will change the way our industry sees condensing boiler technology. The Creek condensing boiler can be used as a high-efficiency heating boiler. The heart of the Creek condensing boiler is a robust titanium infused stainless steel heat exchanger – the key to its high efficiency. This design allows the boiler to withstand the corrosiveness of condensed flue gases for years of reliable operation. A large horizontal combustion chamber limits the formation of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and is matched with a specially engineered vertical condensing section of AISI 316 Ti stainless steel. Burners, controls, and pumps are all first quality name-brand OEM components such as Honeywell and PowerFlame. The Creek condensing boiler is a flow-through design which means no dedicated boiler pump is required. The Creek condensing boiler has no limit on return water temperature and is designed with TWO hot water returns, allowing for a system with two distinct loops and two different return temperatures. This makes the Creek condensing boiler a very flexible boiler that can be used in many situations.



Condensing Ultra High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers

The leader in condensing ultra high efficiency commercial hot water boilers, Thermal Solutions offers a wide array of product sizes to meet every condensing application with certified third-party thermal efficiencies up to 97%.

Apex condensing stainless steel gas-fired hot water boilers offer a small footprint in a sleek jacket design, compact with next generation watertube technology and an advanced control system that has simple to use features to optimize performance. Ideal for any installation with its lightweight design and can fit through a standard doorway. Boilers can also be two-unit stackable with supplied mounting brackets.

Arctic condensing stainless steel gas-fired hot water boilers use flexible watertubes that have long been the workhorse of the boiler industry, naturally flexing and moving with expansion & contraction that occurs in heating. These tubes are unrivaled at absorbing and transferring the intense heat of today’s burners into water and distributed as heat.  Thermal Solutions uses no welds in mechanically sealing tubes to header and provides a lifetime warranty on this seal.  With no welds, the Arctic permits field access for tube replacement making it the only field repairable heat exchanger in the condensing market.  The Arctic is available fully packaged, or if required, knockdown for ease of onsite maneuvering and assembly, another industry first!

Evolution condensing gas-fired hot water boilers incorporates stainless steel to accommodate the corrosive nature of flue gases associated with this type of efficiency. Robustly designed for commercial and industrial applications, our fully modulating condensing gas boilers have become renown for new construction, existing building retrofit, schools, hotels, casinos, hospitals, healthcare, and military applications across North America. A small footprint coupled with Green radiant burner technology reduce physical size and limit carbon emissions enabling single digit NOx levels. Come see how reliability and efficiency have evolved in an environmentally friendly package like no other.

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