Commercial pool & water Heaters

CS&E’s commercial water and pool heater equipment is from the top manufacturers in the industry for both industrial and commercial applications. Our high quality equipment is guaranteed to give you reliable performance and unmatched savings. CS&E provides water and pool heaters for all types of applications and utilizes all types of designs. This provides our customers built in value and a one stop shop opportunity to meet their specific needs.

It’s a well-known fact that pools are an investment – and these investments require maintenance. With that in mind, what’s the use of a pool heater that will kick the proverbial bucket before the summer is over? RBI’s commercial pool heaters are built to outlast the competition – and the busy summer season – year after year.

Fusion Series Pool Heaters*
*Only certified unit available for US markets.

For Faster Heating:
For 1½°F (0.8°C) rise per hour: Increase BTUH input by 50%
For 2°F (1.1°C) rise per hour: Increase BTUH input by 100%
Always select a heater equal to or larger than the requirement. Oversizing generally reduces fuel cost

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