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CS&E represents top quality commercial and industrial burner manufacturers. We provide complete solutions to burner combustion system requirements from standard burners to individually engineered solutions. CS&E is experienced in all common applications of burner combustion and many other specialized applications, such as ovens and other fired products.

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Webster Engineering

Webster Combustion boiler burners combine proprietary control technology with proven combustion performance to reduce your energy costs and emissions.  Whether you need a small or a very large boiler burner, Webster burners combine advanced control technology with proven combustion performance to improve boiler efficiency and enhance your process.   Webster Combustion can provide you with efficient, cost-effective solutions to all of your burner needs.  Webster’s proven designs offer multiple fuel flexibility, high efficiency, low emissions, and high turndown burner for new applications or retro-fit of existing installations.

Commercial & Industrial Boiler Burners

Webster Combustion offers forced draft, powered burners, including high efficiency, high turndown, and low NOx burner configurations for a wide range of boilers, heaters, and many other heating, hot water, and low and high pressure steam applications in both commercial and industrial markets. Features like High Turndown and Temp-A-Trim significantly reduce energy costs and emissions by improving process control and burner efficiency.  Our Alternative Fuel burners can be engineered to reduce waste by burning process fuels for steam and hot water.

Our JB Burner Series are highly configurable, robust, forced draft burners for boilers and thermal fluid heaters. They are capable of firing a combination of gas, oil, renewable or alternative fuels. These burners are also capable of achieving low NOx levels for industrial watertube boilers, thermal heaters and firetube and commercial watertube boilers. JB BURNER FEATURES & BENEFITS

The Webster EJB series burners offer years of dependable and economical operation. Designed with economy in mind, Webster EJB burners are durable and easy to start up and service. Our exclusive flame retention head design maintains stable and efficient combustion in a wide variety of furnace configurations and conditions.


JBS and JBS(X) High Swirl burners reduce emissions while providing higher turndowns. With turndown rates as high as 12 to 1 for Natural gas, JBS and JBS(X) High Swirl burners offer industry leading combustion efficiency with low excess air.  Webster’s advanced head design is unique in its ability to provide dual manifolds to handle multiple fuels for challenging alternative fuel applications.


Webster’s JBE(X) boiler burner is a high efficiency, low excess air burner that incorporates a unique high swirl firing head to improve commercial boiler combustion efficiency. Perfect for hospitals, schools and universities, which are particularly cost sensitive because of tight operating budgets, the JBE(X) achieves boiler horsepower ratings in the 200 to 1,750 HP range using less fuel and electricity than conventional burners.


Our HDRV Burner Series extends Webster’s capacity to deliver superior combustion performance for larger commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.  The HDRV is offered in several orientations and configurations and are capable of firing a combination of gas, oil, renewable or alternative fuels. These burners are also capable of achieving low NOx levels for industrial watertube boilers, thermal heaters and firetube and commercial watertube boilers. HDRV BURNER FEATURES & BENEFITS

The HDS Burner Series offers improved emission performance and higher turndowns (12 to 1 on Natural gas). The HDS uses a unique housing with low excess air requirements and high swirl firing head to provide great fuel/air mixing and superior combustion performance for firetubes, watertubes, and industrial applications.  The HDS can be configured as an HDSX where low NOx is required.


The HDR-RF burner is a full register burner for industrial applications with high efficiency remote fan.  It is available as a standard gas and/or oil fired burner and as a low NOx burner (HDRSX-RF). It supports a wide range of fuels and is recommended for large firetube and industrial watertube applications. HDR-RF FEATURES & BENEFITS
The Webster Combustion model HDRA-RF is a register-style burner that allows users to shape the flame by automatically controlling the register vanes to optimally fit their dryer and combustion zone. This allows the Webster burner to operate with a shorter flame than products offered by other asphalt burner manufacturers. HDRA-RF FEATURES & BENEFITS
The new “SC” series burner from Webster Combustion combines the reliable and rugged burner technology Webster is known for with a new, patented staged combustion firing head. This new offering allows the user to operate with low emissions without the cost and expense of external Flue Gas Recirculation piping, or the maintenance issues associated with surface combustion technology. The SC burner can achieve 30ppm NOx levels while maintaining a very low O2, which results in excellent efficiency, and can achieve as low as 9ppm NOx levels with an increase in the O2. SC FEATURES & BENEFITS
The HDRMB is available for ultra low NOx applications in capacities ranging from 125 to 2,500 boiler horsepower, and can fire a wide range of fuels, including: Natural, LP, and Bio Gases, as well as No. 2 Oil, Amber 363, or Low Sulfur Diesel for applications requiring a back-up fuel. Guaranteed emissions for the HDRMB are as low as 9ppm NOx and 50ppm CO when firing natural gas. HDRMB BURNER FEATURES & BENEFITS
With the introduction of the JBF(X) and HDF(X) series burners, Webster has added the ability to achieve single digit NOx emissions without the use of Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR). The new JBF(X) and HDF(X) burners utilize fiber mesh, surface combustion technology that covers a range from 10HP up to 500HP. JBFX/HDFX FEATURES & BENEFITS
Webster’s FDR(X) Forced Draft Register burner is a highly efficient combustion system that combines a windbox, air register, ignition assembly, fuel train, flame safety control, combustion control, FGR (Flue Gas Recirculation) system, and a forced draft blower, all assembled into one complete packaged unit. FDRX FEATURES & BENEFITS
weishaupt 300

For more than 50 years, Weishaupt industrial burners have set global standards in terms of reliability, energy efficiency, noise levels and ease of use. With firing rate between 43 and 95,500 MBH, the spectrum of application possibilities covers from heating and steam boilers to air heaters and modern high efficiency boilers.  With its wide range of industrial burners, which can be used with almost any gaseous or liquid fuel, Weishaupt has the right burner for virtually any job.  Digital combustion management, included as standard with industrial burners, contributes not only to the economical use of oil and gas, but also simplifies the operation and servicing of the burner. Moreover, the integration into various monitoring and control systems and into complete building management systems is made possible.  The clear layout of the burners with their easily accessible components enables quick and reliable service and therefore also faster commissioning.  Selected materials combined with experience gained over decades in a modern research and development center and an extensive service network guarantee Weishaupt proverbial reliability.


Large and medium-sized burners


Weishaupt burners are valued the world over for their sound, high-quality construction. They are efficient and provide many years of service. The burners can be found on combustion plant in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, as well as performing well in challenging conditions outdoors and on the high seas. That’s reliability.