ASME Welding

CS&E Code/Shop Performance Capabilities

CS&E and ASME Certification

The largest ASME standard is the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, a standard to which we at Combustion Service & Equipment Company comply with and adhere to with a high level of attention, commitment, and excellence.

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This ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code provides the rules and guidelines for for the use of boilers and pressure vessels, including their installation, inspection, service, design, and fabrication.  Standards are also set forth for welding and brazing procedures and qualifications (of which our shop is proudly certified).  All A.S.M.E. manufacturers have an Authorized Inspector, who is the judge of code acceptability. This professional is an employee of a licensed insurance company and has jurisdiction over all code phases of manufacturing and code repairs.  He/she is authorized to suspend manufacture at any time or request that code imperfections be corrected.

At CS&E, we provide ASME Code Certifications in:

  • Mig Welding Services
  • Mild and Stainless Steel Work
  • Pressure Vessel Fabricating and Inspection Services

Welding Services, Boiler Services, and General Capabilities


Our welding services include, but are not limited to, pipeline welding and installation, commercial and industrial boiler pipeline welding, stainless steel welding, field-welding services conducted outside of our code shop, and portable welding units. In the boiler realm, we perform steam-to-water or water-to-steam boiler conversions and are capable of servicing and repairing any type of boiler or model. Further services include mud legs, boiler re-tubing, and tube sheets.

In a broader description of what our code/shop is able to provide, we are certified for confined space entry and provide continual safety training and education. Our warehouse is fully-stocked, including dispatch trucks that are available for emergency services. All of the features provided within our department offer service rates that are competitive in the industry.

We welcome the opportunity to meet your welding, service or repair needs from our shop located adjacent to our main Pittsburgh office on Babcock Boulevard.  Please do not hesitate to use the “Contact” form to the right in order to request more information or clarification on how our shop and ASME welding can help you and your business.

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The “r” stamp permits us to perform welded repairs and alterations under the pressure vessel code.

The “s” stamp permits us to assemble power boilers and associated piping that fall under the B31.1 code.

H stamp The “h” stamp permits us to perform work on heating boilers ,except cast iron aluminum, and for any construction stamped vessels in accordance with the ASME boiler pressure vessel code.

Full Service Pumping Experts


Our pump repair facility and factory trained technicians can help restore your pumps to work and look like new. We offer repair, replacement, startup, alignment & trouble shooting services to meet all of our customer’s needs. Please do not hesitate to use the “Contact” form to the right in order to request more information or clarification on how our shop and factory trained technicians can help you and your business.

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