Building Analytics

What happens when building managers are able to mitigate risks and identify opportunities to save energy by leveraging Big Data from the cloud? Improved performance and big results.

SmartStruxure Solutions

Does size matter? When it comes to determining the most cost-effective way to install a building automation system in your facility, the answer is certainly yes. We can help save you money, but first things first…

Custom Displays

Thermostats are the only interface most people will have with a building’s temperature control system, which is why it’s high time they contribute some aesthetic. With our line of fully customizable room controllers, we know just the way.

Power Manager

We take lots of things for granted, but power shouldn’t be one of them – particularly in critical building scenarios. Thankfully, we have total solutions that can help you get a clearer vision of the way you use your power.

OnCam Grandeye

If you want to find the best cut of meat, you should ask a butcher. If you want to provide the best video surveillance to a site that you can, the floor manager of a Las Vegas casino would be a fine place to start. Hear his thoughts, and then…

VideoXPert Management

When it comes to video management systems, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’re evolving our VMS platform to enable, empower and support our customers with a new solution for any application.


We rep a full line of quality boilers to meet the demands of any heating or process application.

Building Automation

We provide a wide variety of Schneider Electric BAS solutions.


We offer high quality service for BAS, boilers, DDC, HVAC and security

Boiler Repair and ASME Welding

Our code/shop performs services and repairs with ASME Certified welding.

CCTV & Access Control Systems

We provide Pelco and Schneider Electric security solutions with access integration capabilities.

Auxiliary Plant Equipment

Deaerators, Surge Tanks, Flash Tanks, Economizers, Turbines, etc to meet all of your plant needs.


Commercial and Industrial Burners for natural gas, fuel oil and biofuels.


Strong reputation in application of extensive fluid handling/heat transfer equipment.

Venting Solutions

Pre-fabricated breechings and stacks for all types of appliances. Automated fan and draft systems for equipment, building and dryer exhausts.

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